Halfling Rogue


AC:19 Touch:16 Flatfooted:14
St:13 1
DEX:19 4
Chs:11 hp:15 Inititive:4

height:3’3" weight:38lbs Hair: Black Eyes;green

Fort:1 Reflex:8 Will:1
BAB:2 sneak attack: 1D6
CMB:1 CMD:15
Weapon Daggers 1d3+1 19-20 CrT
ShortBow 1D4 X3 60’


Born and rasied in westcrown As a 3rd generation Child. Tas family was killed when he was 5yrs of age. Rasied by his aunt and ucle in which they owned a Small Appearal Shop in the lower westcrown area. Too make a little extra money Tas went to hitting the streets and other homes for goods . A lonely purse is a lose purse and that purse was his for the taking! Tas helps his aunt and uncle but they have no idea he stealing! Thus Tas became a child of street learning new ways and tricks to get the right purse from the right people. Hearing about the counicl of theives spark and interest, just maybe they do exist! If so Tas will find out the truth. In his shoort comeings Tas recently joined a band of rebels called The Childern of Westcrown to try to free the City from the evil which has it become….


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