Children of Westcrown

Children of Westcrown - Session 6

After surviving the play, the PCs were invited up to the mayor’s mansion for a feast celebrating the performance. There was much strong food and drink served and by the end of the 7th course, the party degenerated into a drunken orgy allowing the PCs (who had mostly keep themselves sober) could slip out of the hall unseen to investigate the house.

The PCs were able to search most of the 1st and 2nd floor. Unfortunately, they found nothing. A rumor of a sickly son hidden in the attic eventually led them all the way up through the house. Where, after a through search, a secret door was found that led to a small room with what appeared to be a set of double doors made out of some kind of dull metal. Unfortunately, when one of the PCs touched the door, they instantly disappeared. Not wanting their companion to be alone, the rest of the PCs followed suit.

They now found themselves in the Asmodean Knot. The fabled pocket dimension holding the mayor’s vault. Here is where the Cheliax Crux is held.

Upon entering an oddly shaped corridor, the PCs found a dead elf lying in the middle of the passage. He had with him a “handy haversack” and a few other items of arcane power. Also found, was a scrap of parchment seemingly torn from a manuscript regarding the religions of certain devils. Scrawled in the margins of the manuscript was some “passwords” that the author hopes will work on the vault.

The party moved into the first room and encountered three large demonic “dogs” that taxed the party’s strength. After the PCs vanquished the Howlers, they backtracked to the first corridor to rest.



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