Children of Westcrown

Children of Westcrown - Session 5

With the elimination of the Bastards of Erebus, the heroes are beginning to make a name for the Children of Westcrown. Though still not entirely “in the open” the people of Westcrown know that there is someone out there looking after them and actively trying to make the deplorable situation a bit better.

After several days of inactivity, the heroes recieve a summons from Areal. Upon entering the Shrine of Aroden, the heroes are greeted by Areal, Janivan and a stranger. A tall, beautiful woman dressed in warn, leather armor and traveling cloths. Areal introduces her as Ailyn Ghontasavos, a member of the Pathfinder Society.

After the introductions are completed, Ailyn explains that she is in Westcrown undercover and not on official Pathfinder business. She has come to Westcrown in the hopes to recover several treasures lost when the city’s Pathfinder lodge, called Delvehaven, was forcibly closed decades ago by agents of the House of Thrune. She cannot openly investigate the lodge herself, as she is working without leave of the Society and would be punished if she was discovered. She is confidant that there is a connection between the closing of the lodge and the appearance of the shadow beasts. She is hoping that you will help her in this investigation.

There is one problem, though. One does not just walk into Delvehaven. The lodge has been sealed by the House of Thrune with powerful locks and wards against intrusion. The only way to get past these wards is by finding the keys and documentation relating to the wards themselves. Her research has shown her that keys to the locks and documentation relating to those wards exists in only one place—Aberian’s Folly (the mayoral palace). Further, the House of Thrune’s devotion to order and tradition all but ensures that these keys and documents are kept in a complex, twelve-sided puzzle-box container known as a Chelish Crux, and that if it has been secured anywhere in Aberian’s Folly, it is likely to lie within the manor’s vault—a place known as the Asmodean Knot. But in order to get into the Knot, the heroes will have to gain entrance to the mayoral palace with enough time to look around as the entrance to the know is surely to be hidden somewhere in the palace.

Mayor Arvanxi is a lover of the theater, and in particular, the Theater Mortrescci—plays where not only the cast’s reputations, but their very lives, are on the line during each performance. A cross between a play and a bloodsport, the Theater Mortrescci—more vulgarly referred to as the “murderplay”—has become one of Cheliax’s fastest-growing forms of entertainment. Mayor Arvanxi’s favorite play in this genre is a notorious work known as The Six Trials of Larazod, and as luck would have it, a prominent director is preparing to cast and direct this play. If tradition holds true, and if the performance of the play pleases the mayor, he’ll invite the cast and crew to his home for a banquet and party — a gala event that would give undercover agents of the Children of Westcrown a singularly perfect opportunity to explore the manor. So all the heroes must do it become actors!

to be continued



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