Children of Westcrown

Children of Westcrown - Session 4

After laying low for a week or so, the PCs are summoned back to the safe house by Areal with their next move. It seems that a group of bandits have become increasingly brazen in their crimes with the last break in/robbery resulting in the double murder of a weaponsmith and his wife.

The Bastards of Erebus were known to have a headquarters in the ruined and abandoned northern portion of the city. The ineffectual city guard has not been able to do anything about the Bastards and so the city has requested aid from the Hellknights. Areal suggests that it would do well for the Children of Westcrown to rid the city of the threat before the Hellknights.

The heroes followed the directions given to them by Janivan to where the Bastards were hiding. After thorough scouting of the surrounding area, the heroes were able to find a secret entrance to the underground lair of the Bastards. Not being the most wise or experienced heroes, they decided to take on the ENTIRE complex at one time. The battle was long and furious. Several of the PCs fell to the arrows and spells of the evil tieflings only to be revived in the midst of the chaos to fight again. Eventually the heroes prevailed and eliminated the Bastards of Erebus from the city of Westcrown.

While searching the private chambers of the Bastard’s leader, a crumpled note was found at the foot of his bed. This note seems to suggest that the Bastards were subsidized and directed by an unknown group only known as “The Council”. It seems that the Bastard’s leader has repeatedly petitioned “The Council” for membership, but had been rebuffed… repeatedly.



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