Children of Westcrown

Children of Westcrown - Session 3

After the rescue of Areal the PCs were instructed to “lay low” for a few weeks as the cleric’s rescue would have the militia on high alert.

One night, while enjoying a good pint & a hearty meal, the sounds of screams were heard coming from a dark alley outside. The PCs investigated to discover a woman and her two children being attacked by a shadow beast. Due to a judicious application of Dancing Lights, the foul beast was eliminated with little effort. The corpse was dumped at the predetermined location and the party was soon rewarded with the bounty of 100 gold.

The next day, the party split up to do their own thing in the city. Tasslefoot was in a market looking for “work” when he spied two unsavory humans harassing a halfling merchant. He was able to learn that they were extorting “protection” money from the merchant. Taz found out from the merchant that the thugs were part of Don Del Louise’s gang. Taz offered to help the merchant by dealing with the Don. The merchant said, “If you are gonna take on the Don, then I don’t wanna know ya.”

Taz returned to the inn with the Don’s name and the location of his “office”, an Inn known as the Gelded Unicorn.


So he got the group to accompany him to this inn where only the humans were allowed inside. The bard brilliantly got all the human thugs there drunk which facilitated their beat down. A check of the inn led to a secret tunnel. The secret tunnel led to the right hand man of Don and some sober thugs. Lawrence put the hurt to a lot of them and eventually beat down the cleric (right hand man). Then the Don himself showed up just in time for a new beat down. The party was victorious and there was much rejoicing.

Children of Westcrown - Session 3

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