Children of Westcrown

Children of Westcrown - Session 2

You have managed to rescue Areal from the Hellknights. The militia isn’t that concerned because the “crime” didn’t take place inside the city limits. The Hellknights, on the other hand, have picked up patrols and been a little more ruthless in their searches as of late. Because of this, the Children of Westcrown have decided to lay low for a couple of weeks. You, however, do not like to be idle. After several days of poking around, three “jobs” have opened up to you.

A bounty of 100 gold has been offered to anyone that can kill one of the dreaded Shadow Beasts that haunts the streets of Westcrown at night.

There are also rumors of a Goblin chieften that has claimed a part of the ruined northern portion of the town. It is said he can transform himself in a hideous rat and that he is grabbing up more and more territory. He is a threat to the people and must be stopped.

Banditry is also on the rise within and without the city. No one is safe. If Westcrown is to propser once again, these bandits must be brought to justice, or at the very least, eliminated.

You also have the opportunity to pursue more “normal” means of making money during this time.


So he got the group to accompany him to this inn where only the humans were allowed inside. The bard brilliantly got all the human thugs there drunk which facilitated their beat down. A check of the inn led to a secret tunnel. The secret tunnel led to the right hand man of Don and some sober thugs. Lawrence put the hurt to a lot of them and eventually beat down the cleric (right hand man). Then the Don himself showed up just in time for a new beat down. The party was victorious and there was much rejoicing.

Children of Westcrown - Session 2

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