Children of Westcrown

Children of Westcrown - Asmodean Knot
Asmodean Knot

The PCs made their way through the extra dimensional maze known as the Asmodean Knot. Many trials, riddles and opponents stood in their way, but in the end, the party was able to reach the treasure room and acquire the Chelish Crux. The final battle was epic and the brave ranger Kazmak perished defending the halfling who had gotten himself in a bit of a pickle.

Despite it taking the PCs many days to make it through the Knot, the inhabitants of the mayoral mansion were none the wiser as the group made their way out nearly a week later. Tired from the arduous trials, the party made their way back to the Inn they call home and collapse into bed.

Children of Westcrown - Session 6

After surviving the play, the PCs were invited up to the mayor’s mansion for a feast celebrating the performance. There was much strong food and drink served and by the end of the 7th course, the party degenerated into a drunken orgy allowing the PCs (who had mostly keep themselves sober) could slip out of the hall unseen to investigate the house.

The PCs were able to search most of the 1st and 2nd floor. Unfortunately, they found nothing. A rumor of a sickly son hidden in the attic eventually led them all the way up through the house. Where, after a through search, a secret door was found that led to a small room with what appeared to be a set of double doors made out of some kind of dull metal. Unfortunately, when one of the PCs touched the door, they instantly disappeared. Not wanting their companion to be alone, the rest of the PCs followed suit.

They now found themselves in the Asmodean Knot. The fabled pocket dimension holding the mayor’s vault. Here is where the Cheliax Crux is held.

Upon entering an oddly shaped corridor, the PCs found a dead elf lying in the middle of the passage. He had with him a “handy haversack” and a few other items of arcane power. Also found, was a scrap of parchment seemingly torn from a manuscript regarding the religions of certain devils. Scrawled in the margins of the manuscript was some “passwords” that the author hopes will work on the vault.

The party moved into the first room and encountered three large demonic “dogs” that taxed the party’s strength. After the PCs vanquished the Howlers, they backtracked to the first corridor to rest.

Children of Westcrown - Session 5

With the elimination of the Bastards of Erebus, the heroes are beginning to make a name for the Children of Westcrown. Though still not entirely “in the open” the people of Westcrown know that there is someone out there looking after them and actively trying to make the deplorable situation a bit better.

After several days of inactivity, the heroes recieve a summons from Areal. Upon entering the Shrine of Aroden, the heroes are greeted by Areal, Janivan and a stranger. A tall, beautiful woman dressed in warn, leather armor and traveling cloths. Areal introduces her as Ailyn Ghontasavos, a member of the Pathfinder Society.

After the introductions are completed, Ailyn explains that she is in Westcrown undercover and not on official Pathfinder business. She has come to Westcrown in the hopes to recover several treasures lost when the city’s Pathfinder lodge, called Delvehaven, was forcibly closed decades ago by agents of the House of Thrune. She cannot openly investigate the lodge herself, as she is working without leave of the Society and would be punished if she was discovered. She is confidant that there is a connection between the closing of the lodge and the appearance of the shadow beasts. She is hoping that you will help her in this investigation.

There is one problem, though. One does not just walk into Delvehaven. The lodge has been sealed by the House of Thrune with powerful locks and wards against intrusion. The only way to get past these wards is by finding the keys and documentation relating to the wards themselves. Her research has shown her that keys to the locks and documentation relating to those wards exists in only one place—Aberian’s Folly (the mayoral palace). Further, the House of Thrune’s devotion to order and tradition all but ensures that these keys and documents are kept in a complex, twelve-sided puzzle-box container known as a Chelish Crux, and that if it has been secured anywhere in Aberian’s Folly, it is likely to lie within the manor’s vault—a place known as the Asmodean Knot. But in order to get into the Knot, the heroes will have to gain entrance to the mayoral palace with enough time to look around as the entrance to the know is surely to be hidden somewhere in the palace.

Mayor Arvanxi is a lover of the theater, and in particular, the Theater Mortrescci—plays where not only the cast’s reputations, but their very lives, are on the line during each performance. A cross between a play and a bloodsport, the Theater Mortrescci—more vulgarly referred to as the “murderplay”—has become one of Cheliax’s fastest-growing forms of entertainment. Mayor Arvanxi’s favorite play in this genre is a notorious work known as The Six Trials of Larazod, and as luck would have it, a prominent director is preparing to cast and direct this play. If tradition holds true, and if the performance of the play pleases the mayor, he’ll invite the cast and crew to his home for a banquet and party — a gala event that would give undercover agents of the Children of Westcrown a singularly perfect opportunity to explore the manor. So all the heroes must do it become actors!

to be continued

Children of Westcrown - Session 4

After laying low for a week or so, the PCs are summoned back to the safe house by Areal with their next move. It seems that a group of bandits have become increasingly brazen in their crimes with the last break in/robbery resulting in the double murder of a weaponsmith and his wife.

The Bastards of Erebus were known to have a headquarters in the ruined and abandoned northern portion of the city. The ineffectual city guard has not been able to do anything about the Bastards and so the city has requested aid from the Hellknights. Areal suggests that it would do well for the Children of Westcrown to rid the city of the threat before the Hellknights.

The heroes followed the directions given to them by Janivan to where the Bastards were hiding. After thorough scouting of the surrounding area, the heroes were able to find a secret entrance to the underground lair of the Bastards. Not being the most wise or experienced heroes, they decided to take on the ENTIRE complex at one time. The battle was long and furious. Several of the PCs fell to the arrows and spells of the evil tieflings only to be revived in the midst of the chaos to fight again. Eventually the heroes prevailed and eliminated the Bastards of Erebus from the city of Westcrown.

While searching the private chambers of the Bastard’s leader, a crumpled note was found at the foot of his bed. This note seems to suggest that the Bastards were subsidized and directed by an unknown group only known as “The Council”. It seems that the Bastard’s leader has repeatedly petitioned “The Council” for membership, but had been rebuffed… repeatedly.

Children of Westcrown - Session 3

After the rescue of Areal the PCs were instructed to “lay low” for a few weeks as the cleric’s rescue would have the militia on high alert.

One night, while enjoying a good pint & a hearty meal, the sounds of screams were heard coming from a dark alley outside. The PCs investigated to discover a woman and her two children being attacked by a shadow beast. Due to a judicious application of Dancing Lights, the foul beast was eliminated with little effort. The corpse was dumped at the predetermined location and the party was soon rewarded with the bounty of 100 gold.

The next day, the party split up to do their own thing in the city. Tasslefoot was in a market looking for “work” when he spied two unsavory humans harassing a halfling merchant. He was able to learn that they were extorting “protection” money from the merchant. Taz found out from the merchant that the thugs were part of Don Del Louise’s gang. Taz offered to help the merchant by dealing with the Don. The merchant said, “If you are gonna take on the Don, then I don’t wanna know ya.”

Taz returned to the inn with the Don’s name and the location of his “office”, an Inn known as the Gelded Unicorn.

Children of Westcrown - Session 2

You have managed to rescue Areal from the Hellknights. The militia isn’t that concerned because the “crime” didn’t take place inside the city limits. The Hellknights, on the other hand, have picked up patrols and been a little more ruthless in their searches as of late. Because of this, the Children of Westcrown have decided to lay low for a couple of weeks. You, however, do not like to be idle. After several days of poking around, three “jobs” have opened up to you.

A bounty of 100 gold has been offered to anyone that can kill one of the dreaded Shadow Beasts that haunts the streets of Westcrown at night.

There are also rumors of a Goblin chieften that has claimed a part of the ruined northern portion of the town. It is said he can transform himself in a hideous rat and that he is grabbing up more and more territory. He is a threat to the people and must be stopped.

Banditry is also on the rise within and without the city. No one is safe. If Westcrown is to propser once again, these bandits must be brought to justice, or at the very least, eliminated.

You also have the opportunity to pursue more “normal” means of making money during this time.

Children of Westcrown - Session 1

You have made your get away through the sewers from Visio’s Tavern and made it to the safe house. Janivan is there as well as other “rebels”. You are glad to take your rest while Janivan confers with her companions as to what their next move should be.


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